My interest in birds goes back as far as I can remember. I was brought up knowing the common birds in the countryside around home. The Bittell Reservoirs in north Worcestershire were only a mile or so away and walks with my parents along what were then the local country lanes and the canal towpaths were regular. My father was always interested in birds and was quite a skilled nest finder, but perhaps surprisingly there was no egg collection. I had both a Peterson and a Fitter & Richardson field guide before I was nine years old.

Later the interest was allowed to lapse somewhat, but in the late 1960s it was rekindled by a memorable visit to Skomer Island in Pembrokeshire and a tour of the island guided by the late John Barrett. After seeing all those Puffins, Guillemots and Razorbills, I never really looked back and 40 years on the binoculars are still seldom far from reach. That day on Skomer changed my life forever!

For many years I became involved with the West Midland Bird Club, sitting on various committees and editing the Club’s newsletter. I became a member of the Records Committee and the team that wrote the West Midland Bird Report. I had been living in Staffordshire for quite a few years and Belvide Reservoir became my local patch. I was a member of the reserve management committee there for 15 years. During this same period I acted as BTO Regional Representative, not only taking part in survey work for Atlases, etc but also organising coverage across South Staffordshire.

In the 1980s holidays abroad including the USA and The Gambia were almost completely dominated by birding and an appetite for travel began to develop. In 1991 I made the first of three visits to Djoudj National Park in Senegal with the Wetland Trust and in 1994 I led my first tour for Avian Adventures.

Since 1998 tour leading has been full-time and I have been lucky enough to travel widely in Africa, the USA and to a lesser extent, Europe. I have also made more than a dozen trips to Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala & Honduras) and have dipped my toe into South America with trips to Brazil, Chile, Peru, Suriname and Colombia. In 2013 I travelled east for the first time on a trip to China and followed this up in 2017 and 2018 with trips to Thailand.

Over the past few years, June and I have been getting to know Portugal and spend as much time there as we can, together if we can manage it.

June Taylor

I have always had a keen interest in wildlife, but for many years family commitments and a career in retail prevented it from really developing. I was an RSPB member and watched birds in the garden, but no more than that.

Peter and I met in 2000 when I went to work in the office at Avian Adventures. We began birding together and it didn’t take me long to realise that administration, paperwork and arranging tours for other people wasn’t as much fun as actually being out in the field and leading tours.

Since then I have spent time birding in Spain, Italy, Sweden, Northern Cyprus, Lesvos, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, The Gambia, Ethiopia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Lesser Antilles, Brazil and most of the western USA!

In 2004 we decided to buy a property in Portugal where the birding is really excellent and the weather much more agreeable than in Staffordshire!

About Us

We offer guiding services to visiting birdwatchers and bird photographers in the Algarve, the Baixo Alentejo and in the area around Doñana National Park in neighbouring Andalucía.

We also guide birdwatching tours for leading UK-based tour operator, Avian Adventures. In fact, since 1994 we have clocked up more than 100 such tours, visiting Central and South America, most of the western USA, ten countries in Africa and several in Europe.

Our preference is to work together when we can, whether we are tour leading abroad or guiding in Portugal. Sometimes, however, we operate separately and one of us might, for instance, lead a tour to Uganda while the other takes a group to Namibia or spends time guiding around the Algarve.

Our many years of experience in the birdwatching tourism industry have led to us acting as consultants to hotels, ground operators and tourism agencies in several countries in Europe, Africa and the Americas.