Welcome to Algarve Birders

All good things must end, they say and we (June and Peter) have reluctantly decided to bring to an end our bird guiding activities in the Algarve. We are no longer accepting bookings.

This decision is due in part to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, which results in a change in our status in Portugal from the end of 2020 and will likely limit the amount of time we can spend in our adopted second home.

Also influencing us in reaching this decision are the restrictions on travel and tourism introduced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. These have made planning for the immediate future, certainly for 2021, extremely difficult both for us and for anyone planning a holiday in Portugal.

We have thoroughly enjoyed guiding in Portugal. We have met so many birders from different countries, some of them repeatedly, year after year. We thank all of them for coming to share the country’s birds with us. Quite a number of those birders we now think of as friends and we would like to think we will continue to see them in the future when circumstances permit.

We will be continuing our involvement with Avian Adventures and hope there will soon be a resumption of long-haul tours for us to lead. We also have plans for our own independent travel.